What Next? How About a Break?!

When I moved to Minneapolis, it did wonders for my rowing. I was immersed in talented coaching, high intensity teammates, and lots of room to improve and grow.

But unfortunately…Minnesota. Averaging 23 days a year below 0 degrees F. This means that rowing life on the Mississippi ends early. Before November our docks are in storage, the boathouse water is off, singles are derigged and wrapped up, and we are transitioning into…?

Yes. Into what, exactly?

There are as many options for winter training as there are rowers. We’ll consider them in the posts to come, but let’s start with one option we can all get behind:

A well-deserved break.

It seemed like blasphemy to me, too. Counterintuitive as well. But it pays dividends.

Marlene Royle was a coach I had many moons ago. She recommended a transition of about 2 weeks between the end of an on-the-water season and the beginning of an indoor rowing campaign.  It was a combination of 8 days of complete rest, a few easy training days, and two days of “active rest” with no more than 30 minutes of activity.

This time of year, I remember her sage advice. I take it easy. I stay off the erg for a few weeks. I get back into strength training. I run around the lakes. I reconnect with the non-rowers in my life. I stay up late (10:30pm! Woohoo!).

I eat Twizzlers.  

And I think about thinking about my winter season.


photo credit: JeepersMedia Twizzlers via photopin (license)