The Dear Novice Rower Ultimate, Stupendous Gift Giving Guide, Part II

As we demonstrated in yesterday's post, you don't have a spend a bundle to impress a rower. But if you do want to splurge a bit for some near the top of your "Nice List," well, here are a few ideas.


I wanted to post the Brooks Brothers Henley long sleeve that I bought at the Head of the Charles, (the on  but it seems to be something you can only buy on the shores of the Charles. Instead, I found this, which is rowing related in a bit more of an understated way.


Vineyard Vines just opened here in Minneapolis, and it’s straight-from-The Official-Preppy-Handbook style kinda slays me. Call me crazy, but scullers on a necktie somehow work for me. (It comes in a bowtie, too.) And the color? "Starboard green," of course.


From the If You Don’t Have It Already Department--a USRowing Membership (or a renewal). Get the Championship level, and you are set to row at all of the big regattas that require a membership. You also get a billion other benefits, including the nifty Rowing magazine, which I devour in the 80 steps between the mailbox and my house. 


Honestly, Head of the Charles pole banners are 60" x 30" of awesome. I’d have these if I could find a place for them. The epitome of cool rowing, IMHO.



I way splurged and got a pair of these a few years ago. I can wear them fog-free in the half-light of morning and until just before the sun goes down and see everything beautifully. USRowing membership earns you a discount, but they are still pretty spendy. Pledge to save them in a house fire.


Because every rower's basement needs one. And please, ask for a Concept 2. If your coach requires erg testing, your scores from another rowing machine won’t cut it. Used will do, too. (Check out Craigslist, but plan to move fast with cash.) Concept 2 sells replacement parts, and you can keep them going for decades.


o this. At a startlingly reasonable price. Eight days in September, but definitely worth skipping a fall regatta. World Rowing is offering discounts on tickets after Cyber Monday. Take a non-rower and convert them. Make it your spiritual mission.