Back...With a Hack


Hello Dear Novice Rower Friends! It’s been too long!

Sadly, our winter rowing season here in Minneapolis has been extended indefinitely due to Noah-like flooding. The sad truth? I’m spending more time on the erg, more time writing, and zero time on the water.

The happier truth—time to share an erg hack I learned recently.

When I sallied up to the rarely used erg at my local gym, I found that some anonymous indoor rower had re-threaded the foot straps with a twist in the middle (see photo). The first few times I came across this, I patiently re-threaded so the straps lay flat against my foot. I figured Anonymous didn't know what he/she was doing.

So wrong! Because, when I left them twisted—it was revolutionary.

No slipping foot straps! I could erg for an hour without having to yank the straps tighter. Focus more on my workout and less on adjusting my feet? Yes, please.

Gym rower—1; Rowing blogger—0

Do you have a hack for the erg that changed your indoor rowing life for the better? Please do share with those of us stuck in a never-ending winter.