Your First Race! Packing It Up

Maybe you get to row most of your regattas out of your own boathouse. (I’m looking at you, Bostonians and Philadelphians.) But here in the middle of North America, we travel great distances for racing action. Think planes, trains, and automobiles. So a packing plan is super important to ensure we have what we need. A prepared racer is a stronger, more relaxed racer.

I’ll admit to you, dear Novice Rower, that I’m not the best packer out there. I'll have three different outfits for the team dinner, but forget something very basic. (For three regattas running, packing a toothbrush has somehow missed my notice.) 

Teammates to the rescue…!

Fellow Minneapolis Rowing Club member Siobhan Kane is someone who is uber-prepared for anything. A few years ago, she circulated a brilliant packing checklist before we left for USRowing Masters Nationals. With her permission, I’ve attached it here. Check it out, print it out, share it, add some things, delete some things, make it your own. You’ll be the ready-est rower on your team.

Coming next post....getting from the regatta site to the dock: strategies for keeping your wits about you as you prepare for your race.