"Will I Row in the Rain?" And Other Weather Questions

Do you row in the rain?

Do you row in the snow?

Do you row in the heat?

Do you row in the cold?

(Yes, yes, yes, and yes!)

Here at Dear Novice Rower, we are keen on making sure you don’t ask unwise questions that make you stick out. To save you from asking “Do we row in the <insert conditions here>?” here’s a primer on weather conditions that might seem to prohibit rowing…but don’t.

Rain: I love rowing in the rain. Even a cold rain that makes others cranky makes me feel like Gene Kelly. If there’s no lightning, rain rowing is a blast.

Snow: If the water temps are safe, and there’s no ice in your way, you are good to go.

Heat: A prepared coach will shorten practice, or make adjustments so you aren’t in danger, but heat shouldn’t stop you from a good row. Just row prepared—wear a hat, sunglasses, high SPF, tote water, and cool yourself off whenever you can.

Cold: If the water is a safe temperature and there’s no ice, cold isn’t an issue. There’s a Norwegian saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” Stock up on fleece and go row!

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